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Google may take on Amazon with ‘buy’ button

Google is apparently looking to take on retailers with the launch of a ‘buy' button, which will allow searchers to purchase products directly from the Google search results page. The idea is very similar in concept to Amazon's own ‘one-click ordering' button, which you can add as an extension to several browsers.

This will allow Google to keep traffic on its own pages, rather than directing users away to other sites. Google won't be selling items directly through its own warehouses though, this will merely serve as a front-end function to order a product from a third-party retailer participating in the scheme.


However, according to The Wall Street Journal report, Google may be planning an Amazon Prime like service, allowing partnered retailers to offer free two day shipping on items in return for an annual subscription fee. These plans aren't too far along yet though, they are still being talked through by the folks over at Google.

One thing that some retailers may be wary of is the loss of control over how their products are presented to customers as shopping will be done through Google, rather than a dedicated product page.

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KitGuru Says: These plans are in the early discussion phases right now and may not ever amount to anything. Do you guys think that a search page buy button would be a good idea? I don't think I would really use it unless I could get a good look at what I was buying.

Source WSJ

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