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Microsoft is ridding itself of Facebook integration in key Windows services

Microsoft has decided to axe Facebook integration in the Windows Phone and Windows desktop operating systems. Windows Phone was one of the first mobile operating systems to feature a deeper Facebook integration tool, allowing for Facebook contacts and the news feed.

However, Facebook recently updated one of its API’s, forcing Microsoft to shut down all of its Facebook features. In a support article on one of Microsoft’s websites, that company noted that Facebook contact integration in Outlook on desktop and mobile would no longer work: “Contact information for the Facebook contacts shown will no longer be updated with information from Facebook”.


Obviously this means Microsoft owned services such as Outlook 2013 or Office 365 Outlook Web will no longer work with any Facebook connected features. In a statement went to The Verge, Microsoft reinforced its decision without providing any further details:

“Due to changes in Facebook’s latest API, Microsoft will no longer support Facebook Connect, a service that integrates some Facebook content with a Microsoft account. We are proactively working with customers to communicate the changes.”

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KitGuru Says: Microsoft has not really explained exactly why Facebook’s latest API update has forced it to kill off all integration with the social network. It could be a compatibility issue or maybe it became a security issue, either way, Microsoft hasn’t really gone in to great detail as of yet. 

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