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Microsoft shrinks its wireless Xbox controller adapter down to a more reasonable size

PC gaming with a mouse and keyboard is great for many games. However, a lot of PC owners still like to use a controller from time to time and more often than not, Microsoft’s Xbox controller is the best way to go. Previously, the PC’s wireless adapter for Xbox One controllers was massive and very clunky. Fortunately, Microsoft has taken it back to the drawing board and has finally managed to shrink the adapter down to a more reasonable size.

The new wireless Xbox controller adapter for Windows is around 66 percent smaller, making it essentially the size of any regular USB stick. While it is now smaller, the new adapter does not skimp on features, still allowing for eight controllers in total to be connected at once, alongside two stereo headsets or four chat headsets.

Above you can see the new adapter on the left and the old on the right for comparison. While the Xbox adapter is now smaller, it will retain its current £19.99/$24.99 price tag. Microsoft has officially labeled it as a Windows 10 device but it may still work with older versions of Windows, there is some conflicting information on that front, so we will update once Microsoft clears it up.

The new smaller Xbox One wireless controller adapter for Windows goes on sale from the 8th of August onwards.

KitGuru Says: The bulky design of the older adapter always bugged me. However, this new design is much improved and should take up far less space when plugged in, which can only be a good thing- as long as connectivity doesn’t suffer for it.

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