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Samsung’s new graphene battery can bring big boosts to charge speeds and capacity

Future smartphones from Samsung may charge much, much faster. This week, it was revealed that the engineers at Samsung have managed to create new battery technology using graphene to rapidly increase charging speeds by up to five times, while also increasing capacity.

The folks at Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology have successfully created a ‘graphene ball' that can be used within lithium-ion batteries to make them last longer and charge much faster. Capacities can increase by up to 45 percent using this method, while also speeding charging speeds by up to five times. These batteries can also maintain a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, which is required for use in electric cars, so this technology has multiple useful applications.

Details of SAIT's research was published this week. The team managed to use silica to synthesize a graphene ball, which were then used for anode and cathode on lithium-ion batteries. This technology has already been patented by Samsung in South Korea and the US.

This all follows on from Samsung's battery woes just one year ago, with the Galaxy Note 7 causing numerous fire hazards. It seems that over the course of 2017, Samsung has doubled down on researching new battery technology to ensure the same issues don't occur again.

KitGuru Says: Higher capacities and faster charge speeds can only be a good thing, assuming nothing goes wrong. That said, it could be a while before we see this technology implemented in something like a smartphone, or even an electric car.

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