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Silicene transistors created, could be a replacement for silicon


While our silicon chips are generally fast enough at the moment, as we have to pack more transistors into them the manufacturing process has to get smaller and smaller. With most chips made today being fabricated at nanometre lengths between 45nm and 14nm, this process of getting transistors to work correctly at smaller scales is …

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Britain loses ground in graphene patents race

Created by the University of Manchester in 2004, this Graphene substance has huge potential – but it seems that its country of birth might not have that large a role in its future development. KitGuru checked on how long the British government takes to make decisions – and what cost …

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UK gives go ahead for graphene development


Graphene, the wonder material that's light, strong and impressively conductive, has now been given the go ahead by British chancellor of the exchequer, with plans to commercialise the substance thanks to a £22 million investment. While this won't mean we'll soon be wearing graphene shoes and hats, it could mean …

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Graphene: will it replace silicon ?

Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim of the University Of Manchester have won a Nobel for their creation of Graphene. This project first became public in 2004 when they were able to demonstrate electronic effects with ultra thin sheets of carbon that they created by “mechanical exfoliation … of small mesas …

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