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Britain loses ground in graphene patents race

Created by the University of Manchester in 2004, this Graphene substance has huge potential – but it seems that its country of birth might not have that large a role in its future development. KitGuru checked on how long the British government takes to make decisions – and what cost any delays might have.

Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim of the University Of Manchester have won a Nobel for their creation of Graphene back in 2004. You canread yourself silly about the subject with this download.

By the end of 2011, its potential importance was finally realised by the government (Conservative – the Labour chaps seem to have missed the boat) to the tune of £50m.

But even with an investment of £50 million seven years after we launched the market for Graphene, is it enough? An independent report from CambridgeIP (January 2013) on the number of ‘Graphene related patents' that have been applied for in 2012 suggests that maybe we have missed the boat with our latest drive:-

The scale of difference is astounding. OK, the USA and China have significantly bigger populations - but South Korea is of a similar size/scale. Sad but true.

KitGuru says: After delivering steam, computers, jet engines, the phone and the internet – you would have thought we would have learned.

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