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Apple is under investigation for anti-trust actions in South Korea

South Korea's Fair Trade Commission has announced that it is investigating Apple over what it describes as “some matters,” though it didn't detail them. Presumably this will be another investigation over its anti-competitive practices, though how far it will be taken is anyone's guess at this point. Announced at a parliamentary …

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Samsung to build robots for South Korean factories

Samsung and South Korea are aiming to cut down on manufacturing costs for electronics by building robots to replace factory workers. The idea is to replace human employees with cheap to run robots, to deal with plenty of tasks, including those that currently require a more delicate touch. The South …

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South Korea is getting 10Gbps fibre soon

Since I don't live in any of the recently upgraded areas, I'm still drumming my fingers on a regular basis while we wait for fibre to the cabinet to be implemented here, but even I know I'm lucky compared to some with my 16Mbps connection. Over in South Korea though, …

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Britain loses ground in graphene patents race

Created by the University of Manchester in 2004, this Graphene substance has huge potential – but it seems that its country of birth might not have that large a role in its future development. KitGuru checked on how long the British government takes to make decisions – and what cost …

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