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Apple share price drops to lowest in a year

Apple are the world's most valuable company but even they have little ups and downs. As we reported yesterday, they halved their orders for component parts for their iPhone 5.

Apple had originally ordered 65 million screens from LG Display and Sharp Corp for the 2013 Q1 period.

Due to this news, Apple's share price dropped 3.57% to $501.75, their lowest point in almost a year. Their share price on September 19th was $702.10. An investor holding 100 shares of the company would have lost more than $20,000 after trading.

In the global market, Apple have been falling behind their biggest rival, Samsung. Fewer than 2 in 10 smartphones shipping in Q3 of 2012 ran Apple's iOS operating system according to IDC. In the same time period the Google Android platform ran on more than 7 in 10 smartphones around the world. Samsung use Android in their range of products.

IDC said in a press release “Android tablets are gaining traction in the market thanks to solid products from Google, Amazon, Samsung, and others.”

Kitguru says: Apple are expected to release new iPhone and iPad models in the coming months, some say as soon as June or July.

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  1. This shows that IOS needs some sort of REAL change in order to keep up with the competition. It is time Apple considers opening up IOS to enthusiasts tweaking in order to add some QUICK jest to the OS. Feature wise, it still lacks the competition while its battery efficiency is still good. It is also time for Apple to consider reducing the prices somewhat across the board as the average/mid-end prices of the competition is considerably lower. Example the prices of the iPad Mini will soon become stale compared to what is out there. If nothing changes IOS to quickly add new features (ie company sanctioned JailBreak), then it will remain a “sitting duck”!. There is nothing wrong with the hardware. It is the software and Apple’s closed system attitude that has driven away a large number of customers who were loyal before but the limitations of software prevents some “most wanted” features that Android already has. These customers pulled away 3X to 5X additional customers that count on them for advise.