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Sony’s 4K Blu-Ray players won’t arrive until next year

While Sony might be pioneers of the Blu-Ray disc, the company seems to have fallen behind a bit when it comes to 4K/UHD Blu-Ray players. While several manufacturers have already shown off upcoming models for release this year, with Samsung launching its own UHD player earlier this week, Sony won't have a 4K Blu-Ray player of its own on the market until next year according to reports.

This information comes from Twice, and according to them, Sony has a few reasons for being so late to the Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player party. Firstly, Sony wants to wait until there is a healthy amount of 4K Blu-Ray movies on the market so people actually have a reason to pick up a new player and secondly, Sony wants to do things “the right way”.


Back at CES, Sony's CEO did state at one point that the company would only launch a 4K Blu-Ray player if the platform is successful, fearing that UHD streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video may diminish Blu-Ray popularity.

Another thing that may hinder UHD Blu-Ray adoption is price, Samsung's first player comes in at $400, while the first movies are said to release at over $40 in the US, so content is going to be quite expensive for a while.

KitGuru Says: 4K/UHD TVs have rapidly taken the market by storm and plenty of people have bought in already, now we are just waiting for the content to catch up. Do any of you own a 4K TV already? 

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