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The first UHD Blu-Ray player has arrived early

The first Blu-Ray player designed to play back Ultra-HD/4K content has hit the market a little earlier than expected. Samsung’s upcoming player was first revealed at CES 2016 and would make this year’s first batch of UHD Blu-Rays playable on the 4K TVs that have flooded the market in the …

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It looks like UltraHD Blu-rays may ditch region locks

Disc-based DRM has been huge in the entertainment industry, with most DVD’s and Blu-rays coming region locked to specific devices. However, we are moving in to a new realm of 4K/UHD content at the moment, which means new Blu-ray disc technology, which just had region coding removed from its specification sheet. …

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Mobile data to near 200,000 petabytes by 2019

Considering mobile data was almost non-existent a decade ago, it seems amazing to think how far it’s come in just a few short years. But it’s set to go even further in a few more, as new research suggests that by 2019, annual mobile data usage around the world could …

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4K Ultra HD TVs could reach 20% market share in 2015

Adoption of ultra-high-definition televisions is gradually increasing as prices are getting lower in well-developed countries and China. As a result, market share of UHD TV-sets could hit around 20 per cent globally already this year, according to optimistic predictions of makers of TV components. The production cost of a 4K …

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