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The EU will have 5G by 2025, free WiFi in cities by 2020

Back in July, we heard about a group of European mobile networks banding together, asking that the European Union weaken net neutrality laws in exchange for 5G connectivity by 2020. That plan, fortunately, didn't pan out but the EU has not given up on its 5G rollout plan, it'll just take a bit longer now with 5G expected to be available across all of Europe by 2025.

The obvious benefit to 5G is faster mobile internet speeds and according to European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, it will be deployed throughout all EU countries by 2025 and create around two million jobs.


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As AP reports, he also told the European Union that every major city and public venue should also be granted free high-speed WiFi access by 2020, which would be quite the achievement.

KitGuru Says: I'm glad to see that the EU didn't give in to network demands in order to get 5G out by 2020. The service upgrades are going to take an extra five years as a result but at least net neutrality will remain intact.

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