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UK High Court orders ISPs to block several Nintendo Switch piracy sites

Nintendo is often fighting against piracy. In the past we have seen the company shut down various ROM sites directly but here in the UK, Nintendo is now trying a new tactic, with the High Court of Justice ordering ISPs to block access to Switch piracy sites.

Over the last few years, the UK High Court has ordered internet service providers to automatically block access to a number of websites, including The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites. This time around, ISPs are going to block access to four websites known for offering Nintendo Switch jailbreaking software and hardware.

Sir Richard Arnold was the judge behind this ruling, saying that the injunction is “necessary to prevent, or at least reduce” substantial damage to Nintendo. He added that “substantial sales of the circumvention devices have been made in the UK” and that a substantial number of pirated Switch games have also been downloaded here, resulting in “significant losses” for Nintendo.

The ruling came about after Nintendo's efforts to identify the website owners failed, including repeatedly ignored cease and desist requests.

KitGuru Says: There will always be ways around blocks like this but it is important for Nintendo to make efforts to get out in front of the issue.  Especially since the Switch is still a fairly new console and attempting to grow in the market. 

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