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Sony is suing over jailbroken PS4 sales

The current generation of consoles from both Microsoft and Sony have been relatively well shielded from piracy over the last few years. However, over the course of this year, hackers have managed to chip away at the PS4’s armour, with jailbreaks now available for certain PS4 firmware versions. One particular …

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It looks like an Apple Watch Jailbreak might be possible

Well that didn't take long, it looks like there might be a Jailbreak on the way for the Apple Watch as one developer has already found a way to crack in to the operating system and run non-approved, third-party applications. The developer behind JailBreakMe, known online as ‘Comex', has posted …

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iPhone Neo One runs Android and costs £196

While the world plus dog awaits the iPhone 5s with baited breath, the fine people of Brazil are already able to buy a new kind of iPhone – one that ships without being locked down with Apple's iOS. Strange. KitGuru looks at a pile of 196 pound coins and wonders …

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Pirate app store Hackulous shut down


Hackulous, a name that should resonate with owners of jail broken iPhones for its links with cracked apps, has officially closed its doors, presumably for good, with little official word as to why. As of yesterday, Hackulous went down meaning community news and updates would never be heard from again …

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Apple jailbreak downloaded a million times in 3 days

There is a huge audience who love to ‘open up' their iPhone handsets, verified today by the latest figures released by Chronic Dev Team and iPhone Dev Team. The joint developers of an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S have said that the hack was downloaded around 1 million times …

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Get a new iPhone for Christmas? jailbreak it !

Did Santa bring you a shiny new phone from the world's most popular fruitmaker? You may be pleased to hear that the new untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 has been released. While KitGuru doesn't condone the use of jailbreaking your iPhone, we know a lot of people who do it, …

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