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Nintendo sues Amazon seller over Switch hacking tools

Back in October, we learned that Nintendo had won a lawsuit against people attempting to sell Nintendo Switch hacking tools. Now, Nintendo has set its sights on other sellers, leading to another legal battle. 

This time around, Nintendo is suing an Amazon seller known as ‘Le Hoang Minh', which has been selling an ‘RCM Loader', a device that allows people to circumvent the Switch's DRM and enable jailbreaking.

The court documents were obtained by Polygon. In the filing, Nintendo accuses the seller of “unlawful conduct” that is causing “significant financial harm” to Nintendo. In this instance, the seller brought this on themselves, as Nintendo initially just sent a DMCA request, which was then countered.

Because the seller countered Nintendo's DMCA claim, Amazon had to relist the item in question until Nintendo escalated the matter to an infringement lawsuit. As you would expect, the fear of piracy is a big part of the lawsuit. Nintendo is seeking monetary damages, as well as the destruction or confiscation of all RCM Loader products in possession of the seller.

KitGuru Says: Nintendo has already won similar legal cases, so we can assume that its lawyers will successfully argue this case in court too. We can expect this continue as well, as Nintendo aims to prolong the Switch's life cycle and avoid mass piracy. 

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