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YouTube now supports High-Dynamic Range content

If you have upgraded to an Ultra-HD TV in the last year or two, then chances are it supports High-Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, which boosts the colour spectrum and enhances contrast ratios. However, right now, there isn't a ton of HDR-supported content available, which YouTube hopes to change as the video platform will not support the technology.

The difference between standard dynamic-range and HDR can be quite dramatic depending on just how good your display is. You can get a rough idea of the difference in Google's comparison image below, though the best way to really tell the difference is to see HDR in action for yourself on a TV or supported monitor, such as Samsung's new range of Quantum Dot displays.


YouTube has partnered up with a few channels to debut the first round of HDR videos on the platform, which have all been rounded up into a handy playlist. Going forward, anyone will be able to upload using the HDR format, though right now YouTube's own inbuilt editor won't allow you to make any changes after the upload.

It's not just YouTube getting on the HDR bandwagon, though, Microsoft's Xbox One S now supports the technology (though few games have yet to take advantage), Sony is also making a push for HDR content with the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Finally, Netflix and Amazon Prime have been offering limited amounts of HDR content for a while now.

KitGuru Says: I've been fortunate enough to enjoy the benefits of HDR quite a bit this year after buying my new TV. However, supported content is hard to come by right now. Perhaps YouTube's support will start to help change that. Do many of you own an HDR-supported TV already? 

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