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Sexy, free, temporary email in an instant

We're surfing on the internet and you stumble upon a website that asks you for your email address. Wait. Stop. Does anyone else remember giving away their email address to a website a few weeks ago? Now every time you log onto your Hotmail you see a horde of spam. Say no more, because 10minutemail.com has provided the answer to this problem.

No one likes to see their squeaky clean email address clogged up with spam because they signed up to some misleading mailing list. If this is a concern of yours, then say no more: 10minutemail.com is the one for you. The site generates you a random disposable email address that will self-destruct after 10 minutes. If you need more time, not a problem, click the “Ten More Minutes” button.

Whether you're making a bunch of email addresses to rig an online voting system or wanting to sign up for a product or event anonymously, 10minutemail.com could save you tuns of hassle.

Could it have a negative impact on the market – allowing people to engage in dubious activities under a cloak of anonymity? Sure, but how easy is it to create a real email on Hotmail/Gmail?  Simple enough.

Surely this method is far more honest.

Get an email - use it for 10 minutes - or 10 minutes more - free and easy. Nice.

KitGuru says: Sign up with 10minutemail.com and you can sign up for all the downloads/surveys you need – with no trace/come back or spam effects. It sounds like a very useful thing to us, but beware in case you need to access that email for more than 10 minutes. It won't exist.

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