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Gmail users report spam emails sent from their own account

One of the main identifiers to spam emails is often the email address itself, usually containing a questionable domain. Unfortunately, things aren’t always as clear cut as that, as some Gmail users spotted that spam was coming from their own accounts. Despite having two-factor authentication, Gmail users found that their …

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ICO puts gaming firms on notice over spam messages


The UK’s Information Commissioner Office (ICO) has sent out notices to some 400 online gaming companies, demanding that they explain how they use customer data and what method they use for sending out marketing messages. It believes that too many gaming firms are effectively spamming their user bases, as well …

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Three scammers charged with stealing 1 billion email addresses

The Department of Justice over in the US has announced charges against three individuals over the theft of more than 1 billion email addresses over a three-year period. According to the indictment, Vietnamese citizen, Viet Quoc Nguyan, broke in to eight different email providers, harvesting a ton of personal information. …

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Facebook to crack down on clickbaiting

You’ve seen those headlines in your news feeds and dotted around the less reputable news sites out there: “the top X most Y things you’ve won’t believe,” or “one quick secret that helped me lose/make belly fat/money.” They’re irritating, vapid and never worth reading and Facebook knows it as much …

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What happens to spam after you die?

It’s an interesting question – and certainly something that can be classified, for now, as a ‘first world problem’. But, sooner or later, the question of ‘What happens to a person’s data when they’re dead’ will come up for almost everyone on the planet. KitGuru plays the theme tune from …

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Sexy, free, temporary email in an instant

We’re surfing on the internet and you stumble upon a website that asks you for your email address. Wait. Stop. Does anyone else remember giving away their email address to a website a few weeks ago? Now every time you log onto your Hotmail you see a horde of spam. Say no …

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Is Huddlebuy the most annoying spammer ever?

Adverts are a way of life. Indeed, we’re constantly surrounded by messages to buy products. That said, in the right context/environment it’s something that we roll with. Indeed, the right advert at the right time can be really useful. But spammers are in a different class. KitGuru hears about a …

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Third biggest spam botnet shut down

Rolex Spam

The world’s third largest bot net, known as Grum and  thought to be responsible for around 18 per cent of the world’s email spam, has been shut down. While the confirmation of the downing was made by security firm Fireeye, several other groups were also involved, including: anti spam network …

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