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Amazon begins same-day delivery services in the UK

If Amazon has something you need quite desperately, getting a hold of it on the same day you click buy could now be possible, with the launch of the retailer’s new same-day delivery service in the UK. It won’t make it all the way to do your door, but for a small premium, you’ll be able to have it delivered to a local outlet close to you for collection.

Any orders that come in before 11:45am, will be eligible for same day pick up by 4pm that same day, whilst orders placed up to 7:45, can be picked up by 6:30am the following day. All of this is a premium service, which is totally free to Amazon Prime members, but can be trialled by those without it for £5 per delivery.


The collection aspect of the service does mean you’ll have to take part in the delivery process yourself, at least for the last leg, grabbing your package from a local newsagent or at a storage locker at a local train station. That could make the pick-up times dependent on those particular locations’ opening times, but for the most part collections should be available at the times listed above.

“We know that customers want a variety of different delivery options and many are choosing collection from pick-up locations as their preferred delivery method,” said MD of Amazon UK, Chris North (via the Telegraph). “You can certainly expect us to continue to add more and more pick up locations to the thousands already in existence.”

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KitGuru Says: Well this is no drone delivery, but it’s a nice option, especially for those already signed up to Amazon Prime.

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