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Catch up on Dotcom’s livestreamed extradition appeal here

The Kim Dotcom extradition appeal is an ongoing legal battle between the German national and the combined might of the NZ and U.S. governments, but it's not happening quietly. You can watch a replay of the livestream now, in preparation for its continuance Thursday (NZ time) early tomorrow.

Dotcom's legal team had to battle to have the trial livestreamed, something that they feel makes the case more open and will help shine an international light on some of the practices of the courts and governments involved in the case. Although the U.S. government tried to prevent it, the stream was eventually given approval, a first for this sort of a case.

You could have watched the stream live in the early hours of this morning – owing to the time difference between territories – but there is now a recording. It won't be online forever, as the judge ruled that it should be deleted after a set period of time, though we would be very surprised if someone didn't rip it before that occurs.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYxPMYbGiEM']

The stream wasn't overly long, clocking in at 2:25 hours, but it is a court case, one related to copyright, judges and legal precedents, so it's rather stale. However there is a lot at stake with this trial, including potential abuse of copyright law and a test of U.S. legal pressure outside its borders.

This was just day three of the appeal, which is expected to go on for the next six weeks.

KitGuru Says: It's interesting to take a peek at how this latest legal tussle between Dotcom and the various involved governments continues, but it is pretty dry. If you guys spot something interesting in the stream, do let us know, as I can't sit through the whole thing. 

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