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Nvidia has launched a new AI focused podcast

Nvidia might be most well known for its graphics cards, but it has its fingers in lots of pies, from autonomous vehicles, to virtual reality. One area it’s also delving into is deep learning and AI development and to discuss some of its efforts, as well as the wider industry, it’s now launched an AI focused podcast, hosted by tech journalist Michael Copeland.

In a time where the Internet of Things, connected smart devices and automation are starting to make real impacts in the world we live in, Nvidia is looking to spread some knowledge about the artificial intelligence behind it all. Alongside the host, each week’s episode will feature guests with their own interest and stake in AI development and deep learning and they’ll talk through various aspects of the industry and how it’s progressing.

In the first episode, Copeland’s guest is Nvidia GPU computing veteran, Will Ramey. Together they break down the early days of AI, its theoretical roots, why the scary idea of a future, killer AI has yet to come to pass and what contemporary AI is actually capable of.

A big part of it, we’re told, is because we’re still learning how the human brain works. Programming an AI is far easier if you can understand how nature does it, though of course there are still many aspects of our biology that we’re still struggling to get our heads around.

Future episodes of Nvidia’s AI podcast will feature super computing experts, urban planners, bedroom hackers and people looking to fix the age old problems of AI with their own developments.

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KitGuru Says: At 30 minutes long, I can probably slot this podcast into my weekly listening. What are some of the podcasts you guys enjoy?

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