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Twitter target Facebook with projected 1 billion userbase

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams said during a conference in San Francisco that the Twitter platform will soon have one billion users.

Williams said “Twitter will get to a billion members”. It could however take quite some time before this becomes a reality, as there are only 165 million registered users on the platform today. These 165 million members send out more than 100 million tweets every day. Clearly Williams is making such dramatic public claims so he can help attract the attention of more advertisers, which obviously means bigger campaigns and more income.

Facebook is way out in front with over 500 million users and should reach 1 billion long before Twitter, even if their growth rate increases over the next few years.

KitGuru says: Facebook’s rise to fame however has been fraught with security and privacy issues in the last year, so lets hope Twitters rise is a little less troublefree

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