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CeBIT: Cooler Master updates the Master Case 5

We continue our coverage of CeBIT this week with a look at what Cooler Master has on offer. Today, Leo stopped by the booth to take a look at the Master Case Maker 5, which was announced some time ago. The case was initially due to release late last year but has since been delayed but we are told it should hopefully finally be arriving in mid-May just in time for Computex.

The Master case Maker 5 comes with a glossy I/O and a front panel sporting USB Type-C, a removable top cover, noise dampening material and red LEDs, so there are plenty of features to shout about.

Cooler Mastercase Maker 5 LEDs Cooler Mastercase Maker 5 IO panel

Cooler Mastercase Maker 5 front noise deadening Cooler Mastercase Maker 5 front flipped out

Following on from Computex later this year, Cooler Master is aiming to have a lot more accessories available for the Master case Maker 5, which will make it truly customizable for end users. However, we do hope that Cooler Master will consider switching out the red case LEDs for RGB instead.

KitGuru Says: The Maker 5 is a very interesting case so hopefully, it arrives here ASAP so we can get a proper look at it for review. 

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