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US scientists make crucial step towards limitless power

A team of Scientists working in California have announced that they are one step closer to developing a pollution free, controlled fusion energy reaction. However they are still far off reaching their final goal. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory released a peer reviewed case study on Wednesday which revealed that one of their experiments created more energy out of fusion than what was used in fuel to create the reaction.

The Scientists used “192 lasers to compress a pellet of fuel and generate a reaction in which more energy came out of the fuel core than went into it.” The whole process works similarly to the inner workings of a star: “This is an exceedingly hard problem. You’re basically trying to produce a star, on a small scale, here on Earth.”


Fusion energy has been pursued by scientists for some time now and since it doesn’t pollute the environment when used, no greenhouse gasses or radio active waste gets created. Scientists first experimented with magnets but moved on to lasers some time ago, Steve Cowley, of the United Kingdom’s Culham Center for Fusion Energy said: “We have waited 60 years to get close to controlled fusion, We must keep at it.”

KitGuru Says: It’s no secret that the earth is running out of fossil fuels, fusion energy could help alleviate that problem by providing not just unlimited energy but more importantly, clean energy. 

Source: RT

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