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Whirlpool windmills offer wind power without blades

As much as wind power offers a simple and effective way of harvesting energy from ‘thin air,' it isn't without its drawbacks. The power generated isn't as cost effective as other solutions, it's dependant on something uncontrollable and the spinning blades from the turbines make a lot of noise and …

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Tesla shows off new home-battery tech

Earlier this week we heard that Elon Musk's electric car company, Tesla, would soon be unveiling new battery technology designed with the home and businesses in mind, and now it's done so. The idea behind the new tech, is to reduce dependence on the grid, allow for the local storage of …

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Eiffel Tower becomes energy self-sufficient

The Eiffel Tower is one of the world's great landmarks and yet, like any other popular tourist destination and skyline attention grabber, it requires a lot of lighting and other systems that use a lot of power throughout the year. However now the French icon has become almost entirely energy self-sufficient, thanks …

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Solar eclipses could soon become dangerous


Solar eclipses are probably not something that most of us humans have been scared of in a very long time, thanks to science and reasoning, but soon there may actually be a reason to be at least a little nervous. With our increasing dependence on energy drawn from the Sun …

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US scientists make crucial step towards limitless power

A team of Scientists working in California have announced that they are one step closer to developing a pollution free, controlled fusion energy reaction. However they are still far off reaching their final goal. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory released a peer reviewed case study on Wednesday which revealed that …

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