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AMD to release ‘Kaveri Refresh’ chips in late May – report

Advanced Micro Devices plans to formally introduce its code-named “Godavari” (also known as “Kaveri Refresh”) accelerated processing units next month, slightly ahead of Computex Taipei trade-show. While the new chips will feature slightly improved performance compared to existing APUs from the company, they will hardly improve AMD’s competitive position on the market.

AMD’s “Godavari” products for desktops will formally belong to the A-series 8000-sequence family, but will be architecturally identical to existing “Kaveri” chips. The forthcoming APUs will feature up to four “Steamroller” cores, Radeon R7 graphics with GCN 1.1 architecture, a dual-channel DDR3 memory controller as well as heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) capabilities. The only difference between “Kaveri” and “Godavari” chips are slightly higher CPU and GPU clock-rates of the latter. However, the dissimilarity will be so insignificant that performance advantage will be hardly noticeable in real-world applications.


AMD intends to formally introduce its “Kaveri Refresh” chips in late May, reports DigiTimes. The company will likely start high-volume shipments of the products in June. It is highly likely that all of desktop APUs from AMD will belong to the “Kaveri Refresh” family already this fall.


In 2016 and 2017 AMD is expected to release code-named “Bristol Ridge” and “Raven Ridge” APUs, respectively. It is projected that “Bristol Ridge” will be based on the “Excavator” micro-architecture, whereas “Raven Ridge” will integrate next-generation “Zen” cores from AMD.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: It looks like AMD’s “Kaveri Refresh” chips are not delayed and will emerge on the market this summer, as planned.

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