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Computex 2018: Phanteks demos Evolv X and more

KitGuru has reviewed almost all of Phanteks' cases that have been released over the last few years, and it seems there will be no shortage of future cases to look at as Phanteks has unveiled a host of new products at Computex 2018. Our man Leo was at the Phanteks suite to get the low-down on all the new cases.

Watch via Vimeo (below) or over on YouTube HERE

As you can tell from the video, there are plenty of new things to talk about from Phanteks. Perhaps most interestingly, the Evolv X chassis looks like a real contender to be case of the year. It is the successor the highly-regarded Enthoo Evolv, and while it looks very similar from a distance, it has undergone plenty of significant changes. Foremost among these changes is the new front and top panel design, as the single biggest flaw with the original Evolv and Evolv TG was the restricted airflow. Now, the Evolv X has much larger cutouts in its panels to allow for increased airflow.

There is lots more to talk about with the Evolv X, too. The addressable RGB lighting on the front and sides of the case is new, as are the hinged tempered glass panels which occupy both sides of the case. The rear side also sports new cable management covers which should keep things looking tidy, which is especially important considering the side panel is glass so all of your cables and wiring will be on show.

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Phanteks is also keen to emphasise the fact that the Evolv X is highly customisable, meaning that users have plenty of control over what they can build in the case. For instance, there is support for a separate Mini-ITX motherboard in the roof of the case via an additional bracket, which allows the user to build two systems inside a single case. Alternatively, you can deck the whole case out with drive bays and have up to 9x SSDs or up top 10x HDDs, while there is also extensive radiator support for those who want to build a custom loop.

The Evolv X is slated to cost $199, so UK pricing in the region of £180-200 seems realistic.

Elsewhere, we also saw a completely new family of cases, named ‘Neo', which comes under the Metallicgear brand – so technically not Phanteks, but we can expect the same Phanteks DNA to run through these cases.

This new range is designed to offer quality systems on a budget – keeping the Phanteks brand as the more premium offering – and so far it consists of four different cases: Neo, Neo Micro, Neo Mini and Neo-G Mini. The Neo is an ATX chassis, Neo Micro is – yep, you guessed it – Micro ATX, and Neo Mini is of course Mini ITX. The Neo cases offer RGB lighting, glass panels and sleek designs for under $100.

KitGuru says: There were plenty of new products on show at the Phanteks suite – the Evolv X looks particularly exciting. Be sure to watch our video for the full run-through.

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