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Cooler Master N200 Mini-Tower Case Review

Rating: 9.0.

Today we are going to look at the Cooler Master N200 case which is a mainstream model designed with water cooling in mind.  It occupies a compact mid-tower form factor and can accommodate a micro-ATX motherboard as well as an array of high-end components. Being a budget model, the N200 seems like an ideal option for those who have a restricted budget and wan’t to concentrate their efforts on gaining the most performance, rather than a top-notch case.

Cooler Master are one of the longest established companies in the PC Case market and has a very wide range of cases available, from ultra-value to ultra high-end.  Their cases are favoured by many as they usually offer good build quality and features at a reasonable price.

Over the past couple of years, the PC chassis market has become increasingly competitive, forcing Cooler Master to release new models to stay in the game.



  • Edgy asymmetrical design with full mesh on the front panel.
  • Mini tower with great expandability that supports up to three 3.5″ HDD and four 2.5″ SSD.
  • Supports a 240mm liquid cooling radiator in the front.
  • Supports high-end graphics cards with a length of up to 355mm/14inch.
  • Supports air CPU cooler heights up to 160mm/6.3inch.
  • Supports SuperSpeed USB 3.0.
  • Removable dust filter under the PSU for easy maintenance.

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  • Denna

    Well it has flaws, but for the money its hard to knock. good job – they make good cases. I hate my thermaltake case its falling apart – they use such thin metals on their products. and they need to use better fans too

  • Yhanas

    I like this, nice price for a budget build. they have tried to cram in as much as possible considering.

  • Hank

    The side panel is weird looking – im not sure if I like it or not yet.

  • Street Fighter

    They not sell a windowed panel verson?

  • syrius

    I got my N200 yesterday in Hungary.
    There is a tool to place the motherboard holders in the package!
    The side panel maybe looks weird, i considered to wait till the windowed version arive, but i just bought the normal version and i can tell you its not even close as it looks like in the photos!!!

    And one more thing. The front mesh is metal, not plastic, the assymetric stripe is plastic, but good one.

  • hooner

    Great review…thanks!

    I have a quick question…is front or rear radiator cooling best? I am presuming the front fans are intakes, rear and top are out.

    My thinking is rear takes heat straight out the back from CPU, where as front means air is drawn in, cooled and then blow back through case. Surely venting the heat straight away is better?

    I am thinking of the Coolermaster Seidion 120 and 240 models.


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