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Cougar Challenger Mid Tower Case Review

As the left side panel’s primary feature, the large and angular acrylic window is positioned to allow it to show off a system’s main components, when viewed from an angle, without displaying the ugly drives and wires.

The magnetic dust filter can be (loosely) attached to the side panel to prevent the entrance of dirt and grime. Even if you aren’t using a fan in this mount, we would still recommend using the filter to act as a dust barrier.

A pair of thumbscrews holds the basic right side panel in position.

Unique is definitely a word to be associated with the Challenger’s head-on appearance. Full-length, high-gloss borders surround the dust-filtered fan mount and drive bays, creating a seemingly enclosed area for external 3.5″ and 5.25″ devices.

It is clear that Cougar has opted to design the aesthetic appearance with gamers in mind.

7 recessed PCI slots are adjacent to a large mesh area that will help to promote effective airflow. The orange blades of Cougar’s 120mm Turbine fan are apparent, from the rear.

With the Challenger’s gaming style continuing to the top panel, Cougar extends the front IO area above the non-filtered roof fan mounts. This design choice creates an angular drop-off point.

Conveniently located front IO ports include a pair of USB 3 connections and 3.5mm audio jacks.

Possibly one of the coolest features ever to be incorporated on a computer case (in my opinion), lifting the cover of the ‘missile’ style power button made me feel like the F-15 pilot I never was. The only disappointment was the absence of an AIM-9 Sidewinder tearing off the missile rail after an adrenaline-pumping push.

Perhaps I’m too much of a military aircraft aficionado, but, in reality, the novelty factor of this unique feature is evident and will certainly spark conversations.

Any SATA device up to 3.5″ in form factor can be connected to the external hot swap HDD port for quick and easy data transferal. No need to worry about your drive being bumped and falling; Cougar angles the hot-swap area’s tray by a large degree to prevent such accidents.

4 feet raise the Challenger by a few centimetres, allowing cool air to reach the power supply and bottom fan, should you choose to install one. The magnetic theme continues with the bottom dust filter being held in position by the force of attraction. This isn’t the most secure of mounts, but, on the other hand, it does allow quick and easy removal of the filter when embarking upon the cleaning mission.

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