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Cougar Challenger Mid Tower Case Review

The Challenger’s all-black interior features well-positioned cable management cut-outs, although the lack of rubber grommets is disappointing. Cougar opts to create the stand-offs which as part of the case’s sheet of material.

Using the default HDD cage configuration, graphics card clearance stretches to 295mm – not bad for a mid-range chassis.

A very large CPU cooler backplate cut-out gives users easy access to the rear side of an installed motherboard.

22mm of cable management clearance is allocated directly behind the motherboard tray. Only 25mm of space is available behind the 3.5″ HDD trays. When using the 2.5″ drive cage configuration, up to 67mm of cable management clearance is available.

Cougar includes its high-quality 3-pin, 120mm Turbine fan for use with the Challenger. The orange blades are attractive at first glance, but are likely to cause interference issues for colour-coordinated users.

Disappointingly, none of the 7 removable PCI slot covers are tool-less so make sure you have a screwdriver handy.

A number of fan configurations can be housed in the roof area. Users have the choice of up 2x 120/140mm fans or a single 180/200mm unit. The exclusion of a dust filter will cause dirt and grime to enter your system at an alarming pace.

Cougar has cut some corners with the top panel’s material selection; the thin metal flexes under the application of very little force.

After battling the tricky alteration procedure, switching the upper 3.5″ drive cage to 2.5″ duties opens up an extra 20mm of clearance for large graphics cards. It also increases cable management clearance directly behind the upper cage to 67mm, due to 2.5″ drives’ less imposing length.

For users with a graphics card that is greater than 315mm long, you need not worry as the upper HDD cage is entirely removable, opening up 420mm of clearance.

Removing the front panel provides access to Cougar’s 200mm red LED fan. The unit’s translucent orange blades reside directly in front of a series of air-restriction reducing holes cut into the HDD cages.

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