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FSP Windale 6 Cooler Review

The Windale 6 marks FSP’s first venture into the air cooling market.

It is a pretty inoffensive-looking cooler, with its all-black aesthetic, while its blue-only LED fan adds something extra. Overall I wouldn’t say it is jaw-droppingly attractive, but I have seen much uglier coolers in my time.

It is also easy to install, using the classic rail-mounting system, and you will be up and running in no time. However, we do have to mention that, on our test motherboard at least, the cooler did overhang the first two DIMM slots, so that is definitely worth bearing in-mind.

Thermal performance is generally pretty solid, and it definitely pushes the Cryorig H7 close. However, that Cryorig cooler does just pip it to the post when running an overclocked CPU, so the Windale 6 won’t win any awards for raw performance.

It is nice and quiet though, as its fan does not spin up past 1600 rpm. This means you will quickly forget it is running, even with your system under load.

As such, we are happy to recommend the FSP Windale 6. It is definitely a conservative first cooler from FSP, but it delivers good performance and low noise levels which is always a good thing. The Cryorig H7 is the better performer, while it also costs slightly less, so that remains our go-to air cooler under £40, but you could do a lot worse than FSP’s Windale 6.

It is not currently available in the UK, but its MRSP is $47.99 so expect similar pricing here. You can head over to the Windale 6’s product page by following THIS link.

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  • All-black aesthetic.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good performance.
  • Unobtrusive noise levels.


  • Cryorig H7 is, marginally, an all-round better bet.
  • Overhung our first two DIMM slots.

KitGuru says: While it may not be spectacular, FSP has delivered a very solid cooler at the first time of asking.

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Rating: 8.0.

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