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Corsair H60 Review (2013 Edition)

The Corsair H60 features a 27 mm thick radiator which should fit in the majority of PC cases.  It screws directly into a 120 mm fan vent which can be found in the vast majority of cases on the market.  Therefore, this unit boasts much wider compatibility than the 240 mm wide Corsair H100i.

Unfortunately we never reviewed the original H60 so we don’t have one available for comparison with this new model.  There are three main things which have been upgraded: the tubing, fan and CPU block.  Corsair have moved to a rubber material for the tubes which should improve flow rates.  The tubes also have a larger diameter.

The fan included with the H60 is very similar to those included with the H80i and H100i and is loosely based on the design of the new Corsair Air Series SP120 fans.  It doesn’t spin quite as fast though, topping out at 2,000 RPM.  At this speed it can push 54 CFM of air and can generate a static pressure of 2.36 mm H20.

The CPU block is slightly lower profile than the blocks of the Corsair H80i and H100i as this model doesn’t feature a Corsair Link controller.  The H60’s fan plugs straight into your motherboard using a standard fan connector, as does the pump.  You could also plug this into molex adapters if required.

The cold-plate itself is made from copper and is supplied with the thermal compound pre-applied.  This simplifies the installation process a little.

Corsair suggest that the fan should be mounted pushing air through the radiator.  This means you can replace the existing exhaust fan in your case with the H60 unit.

We were a little surprised on opening the box to see that the radiator was dented on both sides.

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