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Corsair H60 Review (2013 Edition)

The Corsair H60 features an identical mounting mechanism to the H80i and H100i.  This mounting mechanism is one of the finest on the market and makes installation a breeze.

First of all, the fan must be screwed onto the radiator.  This is is done using four long screws which pass all the way through the fan and into the radiator.  Corsair suggest that we should install the radiator into the case first.

This is the best way to install the cooler unless your case doesn’t have a cut-out to let you install the CPU cooler backplate.  If this is the case, you shouldn’t fit the radiator till the end of the process.

The backplate must be adjusted so that the screw threads line up with the holes in the motherboard for the particular socket you are using.

It can then be secured into place by screwing the stand-off screws in from above.

Then, the CPU block can be screwed down into place using the four thumbscrews provided.  Corsair say that these shouldn’t be tightened with a screw driver as this can cause mounting issues.  Doing them up as tightly as possible with your fingers will suffice.

Finally, the fan and pump must be plugged into the motherboard.  The cooler is now fully fitted and ready to use.

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