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be quiet! Pure Loop 360 AIO CPU Cooler Review

be quiet! has stuck to its traditional dark colour scheme with the packaging of the Pure Loop series. The box front features a large image of the cooler as well as some be quiet! Pure Loop logos. On the rear are some close-up images and descriptions of the cooler’s unique features.

Inside the box, all the individual components are well protected and separated by a cardboard crate, typical AIO cooler packaging. The radiator is further protected by an additional layer of cardboard which is good to see, especially since we have seen damage occurring to AIO radiators in shipping recently.

Included with the Pure Loop 360mm AIO are three 120mm be quiet! Pure Wings 2 high-speed fans, a ziplock bag full of installation hardware covering both Intel and AMD platforms, a top-up bottle of coolant, which is interesting, as well as the cooler itself.

The bottle of coolant that comes with the Pure Loop is ready mixed and ready to use, it is a water and Propylene Glycol mix which is typically used in AIO liquid coolers and has a capacity of 100ml. Included inside the ziplock bag is mounting hardware for Intel and AMD installations, a universal backplate, a SATA power adaptor cable, a three-way 4-pin PWM fan splitter cable as well as a few zip ties and a small tube of thermal compound.

be quiet! also include a comprehensive installation manual with the Pure Loop, with very detailed instructions and clear images to explain the installation process, not something that can always be said of AIO installation manuals.

Pure Wings 2 fans are from what we would call the be quiet! budget range, however, the build quality and performance is usually excellent and the fans produce low noise levels. Being budget, the Pure Wings 2 don’t include antivibration rubbers or interchangeable mountings unlike the premium Silent Wings series, there is also no sign of any RGB lighting.

The radiator is a typical AIO design with a dense fin structure and 27mm thickness with a smooth and even black coating. The Pure Loop radiator has a similar shape as CoolIT and Deepcool radiators with very square looking end tanks. Along the top and bottom edges of the radiator fan mounting brackets are Pure Loop logos that look white, but are actually just bare aluminium beneath the black coating.

Integrated into one of the radiator tanks is a fill port. Normally AIO manufacturers would apply a warning sticker to the fill port which would void the warranty if removed. be quiet! encourages the user to remove the fill port to top up the system every two years to prolong the coolers lifespan.

Total tubing length is approximately 400mm. At the radiator side the tubing is fixed, with articulating 90-degree fittings at the CPU block side. Reinforced rubber tubing is covered by braided sleeving to give it a premium look which is typical of modern AIO closed-loop coolers.

Approximately 50mm from the radiator is the pump mounted on the tubing. A plastic shroud covers the pump but this can be easily removed via the removal of four small Philips screws. With the plastic cover removed we can see that the pump is a very small and basic inline style design from KD Industrial. The pump is connected to the tubing via barb fittings and has no retaining clips and relies on an interference fit.

The Pure Loop CPU block is a personal favourite of mine, I like the look of the brushed aluminium effect finish on the top cover with its curvy design. Around the brushed aluminium is an opaque light diffuser for the white LED lighting and the whole CPU block housing is constructed from plastic, including the CPU socket mounting mechanism.

The base of the CPU block is equipped with a protective sticker covering the thermal transfer plate. Unlike most AIO closed loop coolers with bare copper thermal transfer plates, the be quiet! Pure Loop is equipped with a nickel-plated copper base without any pre-applied thermal compound.

Connectivity of the cooler looks pretty simple with only 3-pin fan header cables connected to both the CPU block, to power the LED lighting, and to power the pump. The included SATA adaptor can be connected to these cables to power the system via a single SATA cable which is the recommended method by be quiet! as the pump and LED lighting require constant 12v power to operate correctly.

I really like the overall appearance of the Pure Loop AIO, the subtle black and brushed aluminium colour scheme works very well and gives the cooler a neutral look that should fit in well with most system themes. The build quality also seems to be of a high standard, typical of be quiet! products and the cooler is backed by a three-year warranty.

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