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Fractal Design Celsius+ AIO CPU Cooler Review

As all three Celsius+ coolers sent over to us are basically the same apart from the difference in radiator and fan size, we will concentrate on the S36 model in this section since it is technically the flagship model.

Fractal Design has packaged the Celsius+ S36 Prisma series in a cardboard outer box with an internal cardboard crate offering additional protection. On the front of the box is a large image of the cooler and Fractal Celsius+ decals. On the rear is a drawing of the cooler with some key features listed to the right.

Included inside the box along with the cooler is a user manual with comprehensive installation instructions and detailed images. There is also mounting hardware for both Intel and AMD platforms sorted into separate bags, as well as three Fractal Design Prisma 120mm AL-12 addressable RGB fans.

Unlike some other all-in-one CPU coolers we have reviewed recently, the Celsius+ series mounting hardware kit is quite simple. The Intel upper mounting bracket arrives pre-installed to the cooler, an AMD upper bracket is also included, along with an AM4 specific metal hook, a universal plastic backplate with standoffs for AMD and Intel platforms as well as radiator/fan mounting screws and washers. There is also a 3-pin ARGB extension cable and two 3M self-adhesive cable clips.

All three of the Celsius+ coolers that Fractal Design sent over to us include the Prisma RGB fans with a speed range of 500-2000 RPM (120mm) and 500-1700 RPM (140mm). They have a sturdy outer black plastic frame with rubberised anti-vibration mounting points, white opaque fan blades and an outer ring that are illuminated with RGB lighting. Fan speed can be PWM controlled via the 4-pin connection and RGB cables are equipped with Standard 3-pin 5V connectivity.

The radiator design is typical of a Gen 6 Asetek product with visible rivets along the top and bottom fan mounting brackets, the whole unit is covered with a smooth and even black coating. Located towards the end of the radiator where the tubing connects is the fan/RGB hub. The pump cable is pre-connected to the hub and there are three headers for fan connections and a single 3-pin RGB header.

Tubing connects at the radiator end via two straight rotary fittings with rubberised covers, at the pump end the fittings are articulating 90-degree elbows, This design allows rotation of the tubing at both ends which should assist positioning during installation. Tubing is manufactured from a low-permeability rubber and is covered with a braided sleeving to give it a premium appearance.

The pump housing is constructed from a matte black plastic that feels very high quality, with a top section that is used to switch between auto and PWM fan control. Wiring from the radiator mounted fan/RGB hub passes through the tube sleeving and connects to the pump unit. A single 4-pin fan cable is permanently fixed to the pump housing and there is a 3-pin RGB socket to connect to the motherboard using the supplied extension lead.


The base of the CPU block is fitted with a CNC machined quality copper cold plate with a typical Asetek circular design, machining marks are visible but not deep. A generous amount of thermal compound has been pre-applied at the factory, However, if you intend on using this cooler with AMD TR4 processors we would suggest adding a little more thermal compound as the factory-applied isn’t always enough for this situation.

Overall first impressions of the Fractal Design Celsius+ AIO are very good, the unit seems to be manufactured from high-quality materials with a solid build. The fan/RGB hub and cables running through the tube sleeving is a very nice touch and should make managing cables easier compared to other AIOs without this feature.

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