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G.Skill introduces Enki Series AIO CPU coolers featuring ARGB

G.Skill is a very prominent name in the memory market, but it looks like the company wants to diversify its portfolio of PC components and expand into the CPU cooler market. The new Enki AIO CPU cooler series is a custom-designed solution available in 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm radiator sizes, featuring ARGB lighting on the pump and a sleek black design that it's easy to fit in most systems.

Designed to offer high-cooling performance, the Enki AIO series eliminates “heat-transfer bottlenecks” while effectively transferring the heat from the CPU. This is achieved by careful selection of the cooling solution components, which include low thermal resistance thermal paste, custom-tuned convex copper cold plate, high-density radiator widened, low-evaporation coolant tubing, and 9-blade hydro-bearing cooling fans. Additionally, the Enki CPU coolers also feature ARGB lighting and an easy-to-mount system for a trouble-free installation process.

The custom convex cold plate reduces the total travel distance of heat from the CPU, which goes through the thermal paste before reaching it. Once it gets to the cold plate, the heat is then transferred to the stair-shaped high-density micro-fins that it will then pass it on to the coolant. The coolant travels through high flow-rate coolant tubes with 8mm inner diameter, made of thick rubber to prevent evaporation and braided with nylon for increased durability. The radiator features high-density piping to increase the surface area and efficiently dissipate the heat from the coolant into the radiator. The 240mm and 360mm radiators feature 3-4 more radiator pipes than common radiators, while the 280mm one come with 6x more pipes.


All Enki AIO CPU coolers come equipped with 9-blade hydro-bearing PWM cooling fans designed to produce high static pressure. The accessory pack included with the Enki AIO coolers include a tube of server-grade thermal paste, which stimulates a “quick heat transfer from the CPU to the copper cold plate”.

G.Skill Enki AIO series will be available in 2021, backed by a 5-year warranty.

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