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Zalman CNPS10X Performa Black Cooler Review

Moving on to our new 4.1GHz fixed frequency overclocked test, as we have only recently added the new 4.1GHz mid-range cooler test to our suite, we have very limited comparison data at the moment. Do check back on future reviews, as we have quite a few mid-range CPU coolers for test over the coming weeks, so the charts will start to show significantly more comparison data.

As we are locking the voltage and clock speed, the temperature figures are directly comparable between competing coolers. We see package powers in the order of 180-190W for the CPU and wall power levels that exceed 260W for the system.

Note the use of delta temperature data in our charts and factor in your own ambient conditions for reference.

With the Zalman and be quiet! coolers directly compared in a fixed frequency scenario, the CNPS10X Performa Black comes out on top. Zalman’s sub-£40 cooler manages a delta temperature of 51C whereas the more expensive but slightly lower noise be quiet! competitor is around 4 degrees hotter running.

Applying a sensible ambient temperature of perhaps 25C, it looks like the affordable Zalman offering can cool even an overclocked 5950X spitting out 180W of heat to sub-80C operating temperature.

This represents another solid victory for Zalman and reinforces the performance that we saw delivered in the PBO test.

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