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Thermaltake Frio14 Silent CPU Cooler Review


Thermaltake ships the Frio 14 in a rather small box. The front features a small picture of the cooler itself and makes several mentions of the its low noise capabilities.

On the side you will find a full list of specifications.


The back of the box gives a brief run down of the cooler’s key features, such as tall RAM compatibility.


Inside the box you’ll find some instructions, a trove of mounting hardware and a small tube of thermal paste.

The installation guide keeps things short and sweet, there are just seven steps to the entire installation process for both Intel and AMD, something that we delve in to a bit deeper on the ‘Installation’ page.


The cooler itself is very slim- which means it should be compatible with all high profile RAM modules on the market. In addition, the fins on the heatsink sit very close together, there is just 0.4mm of space between each one.


There are three 8mm copper heatpipes which form a U shape through the heatsink and make direct contact with the CPU. They are rated to handle up to 165W of heat.

Overall, the Frio14 is a decent looking cooler. Now let’s take a look at the installation process…

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