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Aerocool DS Dead Silence Fan (120mm and 140mm) Review

Rating: 9.0.

Today we take a look at something special, the world’s first dual material fan from Aerocool. The new DS ‘Dead Silence’ Fluid Dynamic bearing fans are particularly interesting due to dual layered blades, comprised of plastic and rubber. Aerocool claim this helps to absorb the noise of moving air. The fan frame has been designed with four noise absorption chambers and anti vibration rubber on each of the mounting holes. Aerocool rate the life span at over 100,000 hours. Are these the ultimate low noise enthusiast fans?

Aerocool have made a positive impact in the last year. Their Dead Silence Gaming Cube was one of the greatest computer cases to grace our labs in 2013.

While they do often focus on budget oriented products they clearly have a research and development team capable of producing some stunning products.
aercool fans
It is no longer good enough that a company sells fans with plain black colour schemes. System builders today spend a lot of time colour coordinating their rigs, and with this in mind, the new Aerocool DS Dead Silence fans are available in four flavours – Black, White, Red and Blue.
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We received a 120mm fan in white, and a 140mm fan in red for our review today.

Aerocool DS Dead Silence Fan overview:

  • One of world’s most quiet fans with breakthrough technology and innovation.
  • Beautifully finished ‘Dual Colour and Dual Material Fan’ with four colour combinations and LED’s.
  • The world’s first dual layered fan blades – combination of plastic and rubber fan blades to absorb ‘Wind’ noise.
  • ‘Fish-Eye’ surface design on the back rubber side of the fan blades to minimize air turbulence.
  • Optimised fan blade angle design for a perfect balance of airflow and noise.
  • Noise and shock reduction fan frame incorporating four noise absorption chambers and anti vibration rubber on each mounting hole.
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) delivers longer life span, higher precision rotation and anti shock function.
  • Low starting voltage of 3V.
  • Four Anti Vibration screws are included for easier installation.
  • Power cables are ‘black’ sleeved with both 3 pin and Molex 4 pin connectors.
  • Extra low speed 7V 3 pin adapter for ultra low fan speed.

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  • Ben

    Very pretty fans, I like them. I can’t find them anywhere to buy – like a lot of stuff you guys reviews 🙁

  • Glen

    Try CCL, they have stock 🙂

  • eran

    Ordering 4 for my NZXT chassis. dont like the standard fans in it.

  • Peter

    Going to order a bunch at the weekend – PAYDAY!!!! good looking fans too, look wicked. awesome.

  • tom

    We will have some stock available later today…

  • Andy

    Price is quite good at CCL, will be picking a few up for some ‘trials’ will share my findings over on the Kitguru Facebook page in a few weeks, all being well.

  • Indloon

    Shame I didnt get some good high res pics of the blue fans. im in the middle of a mod on my corsair case which I shared on Facebook , those blue and black fans would work a treat. Also, congrats to Aerocool on adopting FLUID DYNAMIC BEARINGS, I used to own some of these fans and they lasted for years and outlived my system. fantastic.

  • Greg

    ordered a red and a white. will post my feedback later. seem high tech and I never rated aerocool that highly, although I like their dead silence case a lot.

  • krisk

    Are they better than BeQuiet Silent Wings 2?

  • Drivechain01

    I’ve been interested in upgrading my 140mm fan, but have been divided between beQuiet and Noctua. However with the designs on these I would like to know how they all compare especially since I’ve been told Noctua is the top but have a horribly ugly colour scheme.

  • Hello. It is unfortunately difficult to compare fans such as Noctua v BeQuiet! v Aerocool. as the limit of our noise monitoring equipment is 28 dBa (which is basically ‘silent’ in the real world). Most of these fans are rated below 20dBa and we just can’t accurately produce noise graphs for these without highly specialised equipment. Rest assured, any of these leading fans will produce fantastic results in a variety of situations and a lot of the buying decision will probably be made on appearance. Noctua obviously have a massive following even though many people class them as ugly looking.

    We could try and follow up with a cooling performance article comparing the leading fans, but time right now is very tight in regards to overall review demands.

  • highspeed cruise

    Great looking fans! I am going to replace my noisy H60 with one of those. One question: My H60 fan is connected to the 4pin CPU fan socket. I understand the Aerocool DS fans only have a 3 pin, meaning there is no RPM control from the system. Does it matter? (As this is my only CPU fan)

  • trololol

    Get a 4-pin Y splitter socket.

  • highspeed cruise

    Thanks! I run it on full speed @1200 for now. It is much quieter than the H60 and gives me more flow, as the H60 was regulated to around 1100 by PWM.

  • Joe Likes Bacon

    Just installed 2 of these fans in my computer and amazing. My temperature has even dropped a little.

  • Mine did not last 6 months mounted horizontally, of the 6 purchased 4 rattle noisily at mid rpm, and one even developed a low frequency vibration that I could hear/feel throughout my entire house.