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Core i7-4790K ‘Devil’s Canyon’ overclocked to 6GHz with all cores active

A Spanish enthusiast has managed to overclock his Intel Core i7-4790K “Devil’s Canyon” microprocessor from 4.0GHz to 6.0GHz with all cores and the Hyper-Threading technology active, which seems to be a new world’s record.

The vast majority of contemporary microprocessor overclocking records are broken using chips with deactivated cores since they are easier to overclock. While such results are interesting, they are not really practical since it makes no sense to use multi-core chips with most of their cores disabled. Fortunately, some overclockers tend to achieve results useful in the real world.

Rety, an overclocker from Spain, has managed to overclock his Core i7-4790K to 6.0GHz with all cores, the Hyper-Threading technology and dual-channel memory access active. In a bid to do that, he used Asus Maximum VII Formula mainboard powered by Intel Z97 core-logic, Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 memory modules (2*4GB at 2666MHz with CL-10 12-12-21) as well as liquid-nitrogen cooling. To ensure stable operation, the Vcore of the processor was increased to 1.525V, up from 1.25V/1.23V.


The overclocked system was stable enough not only to launch Windows and make a screenshot in CPU-Z application, but to complete the Cinebench R15 benchmark with 1223 score, which is a record for quad-core processors based on the “Haswell” micro-architecture.

intel_core_i7_4790_6ghz_oc_cpu_z  intel_core_i7_4790_6ghz_oc_full

The new overclocking record is a good news for those, who plan to get Intel’s Core i7-4790K and overclock it to the max. The question is how many of the “Devil’s Canyon” chips can really work at such high frequencies.

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KitGuru Says: If the newer “Haswell” chips have better overclocking potential than predecessors and 5GHz+ could be achieved with some luck and proper air or liquid cooling, then owners of overclocked Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge-based systems have something to think about.

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