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AMD’s project Quantum may never make it to the market

Small form-factor multi-GPU project Quantum concept personal computer that Advanced Micro Devices demonstrated earlier this year was an impressive piece of hardware. Unfortunately, it may never really hit the market, despite of early claims by the company. Richard Huddy, chief scientist of AMD, claims that even if project Quantum will …

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Overclockers UK introduces Renda frequency enhanced workstations

Professional graphics workstations are aimed at creative professionals who are supposed to generate beautiful visuals and inspiring designs. Ironically, virtually all workstations lack any creative touch themselves, whether it is about style or enhancements in terms of performance. Overclockers UK decided to change that with Renda family of workstations. The …

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Intel Core i7 4790K Devil’s Canyon Review (inc. Overclocking)

Our review of the new Intel Core i7 4790K. It has been some time coming even though we have had an Intel sample for some time now. We wanted to take our time and not only review the processor but create a little overclocking guide for our readers buying one. We found a lot of interesting things - including some processor degradation when we pushed it too hard, for too long. All things considered Is this the processor you want to consider for your next system? What about Intel's new Intel’s NGPTIM? How does it overclock? How is power consumption? How does it rate beside the 4770K?

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Intel Core i7-4790K overclocked to 4.50GHz with passive cooling

Earlier this week Intel Corp.’s Core i7-4790K “Devil's Canyon” central processing units already demonstrated their impressive overclocking potential when overclocked by professionals with advanced cooling systems. As it turns out, the chip can work in overclocked state at 4.50GHz even with passive cooling. At the Computex Taipei trade-show this week Intel …

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Intel’s ‘Devil’s Canyon’ chips can work on previous-gen mainboards

Although it was initially believed that Intel Corp.’s Core i-series processors code-named “Devil’s Canyon” (DC) would exclusively work on mainboards based on the Intel 9-series chipsets, it is now evident that the chips are compatible with numerous previous-generation motherboards that are powered by the 8-series core-logic sets. However, a BIOS …

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