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Intel Core i7-6700K ‘Skylake’ overclocked to 6.50GHz with LN2

A computer enthusiast has managed to set a new record in overclocking of Intel Corp.’s Core i7-6700K processor. The chip was pushed to 6.50GHz about a month ago, which is the highest frequency achieved by a “Skylake” microprocessor so far. While the record was set using liquid nitrogen cooling, this is a yet another proof that the new CPUs are good overclockers in general.

PLG, a not very well-known overclocker, managed to increase clock-rate of Intel Core i7-6700K “Skylake-S” processor (an engineering sample was used) from default 4000MHz to whopping 6531MHz without deactivating cores or Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology. To hit the frequency, the overclocker had to increase core voltage to 2.032V and use liquid nitrogen to cool the chip down.


PLG used an MSI Gaming Z170 mainboard with one DDR4 memory module, reports Benchmark.pl. During his experiments, the module worked at 4287MHz, which is also nearly record clock-rate for DDR4.


While 6.50GHz frequency is, without any doubts, a very high clock-rate, it is not something that has never been achieved with the help of liquid nitrogen by Intel’s enthusiast-class central processing units. Various “Sandy Bridge”, “Ivy Bridge” and “Haswell” processors were overclocked to 6.50GHz and even 7GHz in the recent years by various enthusiasts.

Intel will start sales of its Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K processors with unlocked multiplier early next month.

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KitGuru Says: In general, it looks like Intel “Skylake” processors are rather good overclockers, but do not expect many breakthroughs here. The chips use mediocre internal thermal interface, hence, may not exactly set records. On the other hand, thanks to better micro-architecture, the new processors will be faster than any previous-gen CPUs even without extreme clock-rates.

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