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Leo Says Ep.49 – Intel Tiger Lake

Today we are back with another episode of Leo Says, and Intel remains a hot topic of conversation. In this episode, our grumpy hero is focusing on the company's Tiger Lake architecture which is set for release next month. We first saw Tiger Lake back at CES 2020, so you can bet Leo had a lot to say on the topic back then… and there's even more to say now.

Leo's notes:

At the end of Leo Says 48 I said ‘Ice Lake at the end of this year please Intel’ by which I meant Ice Lake-SP. I'm going to shift my position slightly and say ‘I’m watching out for Tiger Lake’

Intel showed Tiger Lake at CES 2020 and I was not blown away. It was hard to escape the thought that Tiger Lake was Ice Lake plus a percentage and I very much doubted that percentage would be 50 percent, which was what I wanted to see.

Tiger Lake uses Intel 10nm+.

Xe graphics architecture and Willow Cove cores. Ice Lake, Sunny Cove, 64 EU Gen 11, 122 square mm .Tiger Lake, Willow Cove, 96 EU Xe, 146 square mm. Packaging looks conventional, without Foveros or stacking however the clock speeds of Tiger Lake-U looks huge! Base speed 2.8GHz or 3.0GHz and Turbo to 4.7GHz

Compal 2019 Annual Report printed 13th May 2020. Pages 146 and 147.

  • Tiger Lake-U with LPDDR5 to be launched September 2020.
  • Intel will launch 14nm Rocket Lake in the desktop mid-range at end of Q4 2020.
  • Q4 2020 Intel Jasper Lake quad core Atom on 10nm for Chromebooks.
  • 8-core Tiger Lake-H on 10nm with DDR4 in Q1 2011 (sic, surely 2021).
  • Intel will not launch 14nm products in 2021.
  • In 2021 Intel will launch Alder Lake so potentially 10nm rather than 14nm and with support for DDR5 along with DDR4.
  • Intel Ice Lake-SP 10nm is due in 2020 with PCIe Gen 4 and 8-channel DDR4.
  • In H2 2021 Intel is expected to launch Sapphire Rapids, their second 10nm Server part, which will use DDR5 memory, Willow Cove cores and PCIe Gen 5. This is the CPU that will power Aurora and that might put them ahead of AMD, pending Zen 4.

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