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AMD Ryzen CPUs are set for a microcode update in November

According to MSI, AMD Ryzen CPUs will be getting a new microcode update soon, with a new BIOS which will be packed with over 100 features and improvements being rolled out next month.

Microcode is the lowest level of CPU and machine instruction sets that are loaded from the BIOS – think of it as a firmware for the CPU. AMD will be releasing a new microcode in November that will have more than 100 feature updates and improvements for Ryzen CPUs according to MSI marketing Director, Eric van Beurden.

During the MSI Insider show on YouTube, it was said that AMD will start rolling out the BIOS to motherboard Vendors this week. The new BIOS will first pass through the vendor who is responsible for updating the code and then be pushed to motherboard manufacturers soon afterwards, who will then probably spend a couple of weeks tweaking and finetuning the BIOS to suit each of their motherboard models. During the MSI Insider show, the upcoming X570 Unify motherboard was also looked at in detail.

We are expecting the BIOS to contain the updated AGESA microcode. It was also noted on the MSI Insider show that the 100-plus improvements in the new BIOS are not just about fixing issues, it is expected that new features and improvements will also be included. However, there was no detail of what these new features or improvements would be, so we will have to wait and see.

The new microcode is expected to be available by early November and not only be offered by MSI but all other motherboard manufacturers too. The update is rumoured to bring fixes and improvements to both 1000 and 2000 series Ryzen CPUs, in addition to the latest 3000 series. However, this is still unclear at the moment.

It is likely we will see Beta versions of the updates popping up on motherboard vendor support pages in the next couple of weeks, prior to full releases going live in November. Exact dates of the new microcode releases are yet to be confirmed. If you skip to around 40 minutes into the MSI Insider show YouTube clip, you can hear the full details of the microcode for yourself.

KitGuru says: AMD might have got off to a rocky start with Ryzen 3000 CPUs. However, they are improving with every BIOS update. With this new microcode coming soon, Ryzen could potentially get another performance boost along with fixing issues and adding features.

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