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Intel Comet Lake-S desktop processors spotted for sale

Earlier this week, details of Intel’s 10th generation desktop F-series processor SKUs were leaked out online and it seems that now there has even been listings of the new processors spotted for sale in some European online stores.

Even though Intel has still not officially given us a firm release date or a hint of pricing for its new 10th generation desktop processors codenamed Comet Lake-S, it is expected that they will hit the online shelves sometime within the next eight weeks. However, it seems as though a couple of Czech/Slovakian distributors may have jumped the gun and listed the new CPUs for sale already.

The listings were first noticed by serial CPU leaks specialist momomo_us on Twitter a couple of days ago and include new Pentium, Core i3 and Core i5 processors. Pricing in the premature sale listing didn’t include VAT and whether the prices accurately represent what they will be at the official launch remains to be seen.

However, it could give us an indication that when the processors finally release in the UK, the Intel Core i5 10600 non-K version may be priced around £260-£280, which is similar to how previous generation Coffee Lake processors were priced at launch. The most glaring omission from the listing was the missing core i7 and core i9 SKUs and there was no sign of any unlocked K series CPUs listed either.

We assume that the listing has now been taken down, but since a retailer has now actually listed them for sale, whether this was on purpose or not, it gives us a good indication that the official release is very close and could be a little earlier than some may have been expecting. Since this is still not an official listing, we could see prices adjust depending on the situation at launch.

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KitGuru says: What do you guys make of this potential listing of the new Intel 10th generation Comet Lake-S processors and how prices look compared to Coffee Lake or more importantly, how do they compare to current Ryzen offerings from AMD?

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