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AMD AM5 platform and ‘Raphael’ CPU details leak via internal presentation

It looks like recent leaks regarding AMD's codenamed ‘Raphael' desktop processors have some merit. The team at Gamers Nexus received an internal presentation from March 2020 detailing the upcoming CPU and AM5 platform. Now that other leakers are beginning to verify some of the information, the site decided to share the presentation in a new video. 

The presentation shown in Gamer Nexus's video (minute 1:17) doesn't completely coincide with ExecutableFix's claims. In the leaked presentation, the maximum TDP of the desktop parts seems to be set at 105W, while ExecutableFix believes it can reach as high as 170W for a special SKU. There's also a whole slide about a Raphael SoC on the AM4 platform, whereas all previous leaks had Raphael CPUs running on AM5.

According to the presentation, there will be gaming notebooks powered by Raphael chips. Previous roadmaps suggested that gaming/workstation notebooks would be equipped with Phoenix APUs, but it seems Raphael mobile processors will also be an alternative. Additionally, two diagrams in the presentation show the AM5 Raphael platform would feature 32 PCIe lanes, while AM4 is limited to 24 PCIe lanes.

The leaked presentation also shows the Raphael CPUs featuring up to two 8C/16T CCDs codenamed Durango (one is optional), each with 32MB of L3 cache. The Zen 4/Persephone cores would be based on TSMC's 5nm process node, while the I/O die would be based on the 7nm process node. The presentation also shows that these chips would come with a TBD ‘Navi 2' iGPU offering “entry level desktop graphics performance”.

Finally, the presentation also mentions Warhol, the alleged refresh Zen 3 refresh. The presentation suggests that Raphael would succeed Warhol processors, providing a “performance uplift in TDP neutral comparison”.

KitGuru says: This is an old internal presentation from March 2020, so there have likely been a number of changes to the roadmap since then. We'll have to wait and see how much of this still holds true in the months to come. 

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