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Intel 12th Gen Core processors and Z690 motherboards reportedly launching in November

We've known for a while now that Intel plans to unveil its 12th Gen Core desktop processor line-up in Q4 2021. According to new reports this week, while an announcement will come earlier, Intel will apparently be releasing these processors on the 19th of November. New Z690 motherboards will release at the same time. 

As reported by Wccftech, Intel will announce and reveal its 12th Gen Core desktop processors in late October, on the 27th or 28th. Then a few weeks later, these processors and accompanying motherboards will begin selling at retail on the 19th of November. If true, reviews will also begin going up around this date too.

Additionally, Twitter leaker, @momomo_us, has revealed the line-up of processors, including K-series, F-series and KF-series chips, spanning the Core i9-12900, i7-12700, i5-12600, i5-12400, and the i3-12100. Specifications of the K and KF processors have previously leaked. For KF series processors, the iGPU is removed, but you retain the unlocked overclocking capabilities of a K-series processor.

KitGuru says: There could be more SKUs following this initial launch, but for now, we're just working with a handful of processors. It's worth noting that nothing has been confirmed yet, as Intel still needs to make official announcements. 

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