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Intel Core i9-11900KF hits 98ºC with 360mm AIO

Someone with early access to the upcoming Intel Core i9-11900KF stress tested it using a 360mm AIO CPU cooler. At stock settings, with an all-core frequency of 4.8GHz, the images shared by the user show the processor hitting 98ºC while under load.

As per the screenshot posted at Chiphell (via @9550pro), the reported CPU package was at 250W. Based on the 125W TDP (PL1) and the PL2 value of the 10th Gen Core processors, we assume that 250W will also be the PL2 of the 11th Gen Core processors. By default, this processor should only pull 250W of power for a limited time (Tau). In Comet Lake-S’ case, it was 56 seconds, but Rocket Lake-S’ Tau might be different.

The CPU was stress-tested using the AIDA64 FPU test. Although CPU-Z and AIDA64 showed the processor running at a 1.4V, this was apparently wrong. The leaker stated HWinfo’s CPU voltage value, which showed a voltage of 1.325V, was the correct one.

Before jumping to conclusions, it’s worth mentioning that there are multiple reasons for the processor to hit such high temperatures, even with a 360mm AIO CPU cooler. The “Tau” could have been changed, overriding the default value. It could also be an issue with the cooler, wrongly mounted, or lack of thermal paste. Even a buggy BIOS could cause this. Additionally, a stress test isn’t the same as everyday use, meaning that this same system wouldn’t hit these temperatures while using it for tasks such as work or gaming.

KitGuru says: If the retail samples of the Core i9-11900KF are as hot as this one, would you buy this processor? Do you think the retail samples will get this hot?

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