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Intel has finally fixed the DRM issues for 12th Gen processors

Pretty quickly after Intel released its 12th Gen core processors, we began hearing a lot of user reports claiming the inability to play certain games using DRM services. Intel and motherboard vendors, including Gigabyte, quickly launched fixes and workarounds to solve these issues, but Intel has now finally confirmed that the games exhibiting these errors have been fixed.

Intel's announcement was brought to our attention by @davideneco25320. According to Intel, all the games featured on the list of titles with DRM issues are now fixed via game patches or OS updates thanks to the semiconductor company's joint work with game publishers and Microsoft.

Image source: Intel

If you have a 12th Gen Core-based system and you're still finding these errors in titles using DRM services, try to update the game to the latest version, as well as your Windows OS. If that doesn't solve your issue, Intel recommends contacting customer support. After all, it is possible some games are still out there that were never included on the list of games recognized to have DRM issues.

Although the DRM issues are not system breaking by any means, it's disappointing to find this type of error when trying to play a game on a new processor, so it's good news that Intel has (finally) got these all resolved.

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KitGuru says: Have you ever found any DRM issues when trying to play a game on a 12th Gen Core-based system?

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