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Intel 11th Gen. Tiger Lake – benchmarks!

Intel is deeply excited about their imminent 11th Gen. Tiger Lake mobile CPU which is due to go on sale at the end of September. We know this because Intel sent us a sample of Tiger Lake in an MSI laptop so we could take a good look for ourselves and also share the benchmark results with our KitGuru audience.

Intel has been talking about Tiger Lake throughout 2020 and we have given it coverage on a number of occasions, including a recent Leo Says that was devoted to the subject.

The terms of our preview were very generous as we were allowed to discuss every aspect of the laptop with only two exceptions. We weren't allowed to open the chassis and show you any details of the insides such as the cooling system and we weren't allowed to publish details about battery life. The first restriction seems a bit silly as we naturally wanted to publish photos of the CPU and also to give an idea about the cooling system, however these are off limits.

The business about battery life is slightly more understandable as Intel claims that drivers and systems are constantly updated and as a result battery life is prone to change. A sceptic might think that Intel had jacked up the CPU power limit and was prepared to hammer the battery to boost performance but we are in no position to comment at this time.

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