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AMD Athlon 5350 (Kabini AM1 Platform) FS1b APU Review (w/ Sapphire R7 240 Low Profile)

AMD's Kabini parts are low-cost, low-power APU products designed to meet the needs of entry-level users. As such, we will test the Athlon 5350 APU in a number of compute benchmarks and real-world tests to outline its CPU and GPU performance, as well as the system performance of the AM1 platform.


AMD AM1 – Kabini – Test System:

  • APU: AMD Athlon 5350 2.05GHz.
  • Graphics: Integrated Radeon R3.
  • Motherboard: MSI AM1I.
  • Memory: 4GB (1x 4GB) AMD Entertainment Series 1600MHz CL9.
  • CPU Cooler: Stock 1A213LQ00 CPU cooler.
  • System Drive: 240GB SanDisk Extreme II SSD.
  • Power Supply: be quiet! Straight Power 400W.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional with SP1 64-bit.

Comparison Configurations:

Unfortunately we do not have access to a Bay Trail processor to use as a comparison for the Athlon 5350 APU. As a recognisable reference point, we will be plucking data from a previous review conducted on a system powered by an AMD A10-7850K ‘Kaveri' chip.


  • AMD 14.20 Beta8 drivers.

Software Suite:

  • Cinebench R15 64 bit (CPU)
  • HandBrake (CPU)
  • WinRAR 5.10 beta 2 (CPU)
  • SiSoft Sandra 2014 (CPU, System, Memory)
  • 3DMark (System)
  • PCMark 8 v2 (System)
  • DiRT Showdown (Gaming)
  • Bioshock Infinite (Gaming)
  • ATTO (General)
  • VLC Media Player 2.1.3 (General)

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